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Online presence and reputation are very important for very business to have; that’s the reason companies create and manage business blogs today. With the help of good web content you can bring much traffic to your website and turn your blog’s readers into subscribers or customers.

It’s clear you should be a good blog writer to generate interesting content, but very often it can be time intensive to create all content yourself. Hiring other blog writers is the best way to go, depending on your intentions, you niche, and your business model.

What do we mean here?

The fact is, some niches do not requite much content; so, you might be fine to write it yourself. From the other hand, your niche may see a LOT of content (a technology niche, for example), and your fingers might be not enough to type and publish everything alone.

Is your niche high-volume? Will you be able to pay writers for content creation and distribution? As far as you understand, thanks do not fill a purse, and no one will write you texts for nothing.

Plus, if your blog is your personal brand – YOU are the only person suitable to write for it.

Blogging Writing Market Specifications

Web content writing has its specifications: it’s aimed to “catch” Internet users who are so lazy to read long texts online and so capricious to surprise them with interesting information.

What are these specifications?

  1. Blogging is a skill. It’s different from other writings, that is why you should be very careful when hiring a person to write for your blog. Your company blog is a very important part of your marketing strategy, and a right blogger can help you turn it into an effective tool.
  2. Blog writing has a specific structure. There is a set of elements every blog post should have to follow the criteria of professional web content.
  3. Web texts are written with the help of some tricks to make people read, like and share them; that is why a professional blog writer knows and uses these tricks to create amazing content.

Despite many websites targeted to bloggers, it’s not easy to find and hire a professional who would meet all your content strategy needs. And do not forget to ask these nine questions before hiring a freelance blogger for your project.

How to Choose a Blogger for Hire Online

Not every writer is a blogger, actually. If you are interested in a particular topic, it does not mean you can write about it. With that in mind, you should understand that blogging differs from other writings drastically.

A good blogger writes in a way to keep and hold attention of people who read his pieces. He knows what a good headline is, what hooks to use in introduction, what subheadings, lists, visual elements of blogging, reference links, keywords, and descriptions are. A good blog writer knows how to make a post easy to scan.

Remember it when choosing and evaluating candidates for hiring. Blogging, not writing, is the skill you are looking for.

  • Ask for samples. The ideal variant would be links to their previously published content for you to see a writing style, a feedback from readers, etc. But a sample written just for you will work fine, too.
  • Niche. If you do not have time to teach a blogger, explaining him all nuances of your niche, choose a blogger who IS in your niche already. Generic writers with samples from unrelated niches are not who you are looking for.
  • Online presence. A professional blogger will have social media profiles for sure; he will share some links to his previously published works; he will have online portfolio for clients to check before hiring him; he will be polite and he will be as specific as possible when responding to you.

Neil Patel, a world-class blogger, considers the following qualities important for his fellows to have if they want to be hired by top-notch websites: a good blogger is the one with traffic generation, storytelling, and analytical abilities; a good blogger is the one with conversational writing style.

Check Neil’s tips on hiring a world-class blogger for your company to get a better idea of whom you need for effective brand building.

Where to Find Freelance Bloggers Online

There are many places on the Web for you to find new writers: niche blogs (just check some smaller blogs of your niche and contact them directly, if they are good writers but still don’t have a big audience); forums (use industry forums to post your offer and invitation for writers to apply; private messages to active members of the forum can work, too); job boards (such as ProBlogger or BloggingPro’s ones: post your ad, and you’ll definitely get responses from bloggers interested in writing for you).

If you need a professional blog writer for hire, you might be also interested in trying Blog Dash’s blogger outreach methodology that helps to find bloggers that fit your campaign.

Many bloggers choose a freelance career today, and it does not mean they are bad professionals. Try checking websites dedicated to freelancers, such as Upwork, Guru, or Freelance Switch.

Career websites would be a smart decision, too: small or large, they offer places to publish your company blogger position. Craigslist, Simply Hired, Career Builder – they all will be a good choice to try for hiring blogging professionals. And do not forget about LinkedIn: this is the most popular networking website for professionals; they look for job opportunities there, so you can post your job or create your company page for candidates to apply.

One more option to hire a blogger could be asking some content companies that offer services from talented writers. Reviewing their samples is a must, as you risk to come across a simple low-quality content mill. Work with trusted content companies only, such as Scripted or Contently for example.

Do you need more places to find freelancers online? Check these 16 best resourceswith detailed description of their pros and cons.

And the last few things for you to consider before hiring bloggers online:

  • they are NOT your employees, but contractors;
  • they are NOT obligatory to share your vision of your website, that is why it’s YOU who manages the whole process of content creation;
  • they are NOT telepaths: give them clear instructions.

The last but not the least is the question about who OWNS the content: specify copyrights to avoid problems in the future.