Best Tech Writers for Hire Online (current ratings):


If your business is about technical process or product you’ll need a technical writer to help you describe and promote it online.

The problem is, it’s not easy to find and choose tech writers for hire; there are many bloggers and writers who are ready to create content for you, but not all of them have specific skills a writer needs to create professional tech texts. Moreover, this person should be able to present technical information to your non-technical audience in a way they could understand and follow it.

Check the websites listed above: use them to find a tech writer for your project, and do not hesitate writing us emails if you know any other resources where professional tech writers for hire could be found. We’ll consider them and add to the rating if they are worth mentioning.

Are you a technical writer or you just want to become a technical writer and don’t know what to start with? You might be interested in checking out the information about qualities of good technical writing to find out if you know and follow them.

This information will help you understand whether you get all the details of technical writing and whether you do it right. Some useful tips are present there, too.

Tech Writing Market Specifications

What is good technical writing? It’s an ability to present tech information in a way people understand and use it to be productive. Does your audience make decisions and perform actions based on the information you give them? It means your tech writing can be considered good.

There is a particular set of skills a good technical writer should have for you to hire him:

  • writing skills: he should be able to write in a clear manner;
  • technical skills: they depend on the subject he will write about;
  • usability and testing skills: he should be able to understand whether the product he writes about works actually;
  • tools skills: can you imagine a tech writer who doesn’t know computer systems? The particular tools he should know will depend on the organization, but your writer should be capable of learning new tools quickly if needed.

Technical writing can be divided into expository, scientific, legal, business, medical, and mechanical one. So, if your business is about any of these niches, you will need a technical writer to create, develop, and promote content for it.

You will need a technical writer for your offline business, too: being a successful business owner in a technical field, you will have to prepare technical material, user guides, progress reports, instructions on the use of equipment, technical manuals, etc. And this is a tech writer who will help you deal with that.

Still can’t understand how technical writers help businesses? Here are just a few ways they can do it:

  1. Planning: what documents you need.
  2. Management: how to organize and produce your documents.
  3. Material organization: templates preparation for technical experts.
  4. Writing and editing, taking different audiences into consideration.
  5. Communication with your audience online.

To learn more characteristics of technical writing, you are welcome to check this document.

How to Evaluate and Choose Tech Writers

Before choosing and hiring technical writers, you should find candidates, shouldn’t you? There are several ways you can do it, and we would suggest you to combine them in order to get better results.

  • Your network. Ask professionals in your field about their experience of working with technical writers; probably, they will suggest some contacts or share some names of writers to avoid in order to stay safe.
  • Online. There are many websites on the Web where freelancers meet. No one will give you any warranties here, you will have to evaluate writers and decide whether any of them is worth your trust.
  • Agencies. You can find both online and offline agencies specializing in writing services. Ask them if they have technical writers and which of them they would recommend for your business needs in particular. Remember: a tech writer hired through the agency will cost you more money.
  • Professional forums and societies. All writers meet online, and tech writers are not an exception here: find some forums where professionals dedicated to technologies meet – and try to hire technical writer there. One of such places could be Society for Technical Communication.
  • Students. Some young people who do a technical degree at local colleges could become your freelance tech writers. Both pros and cons of your decision to hire a student can be found (it will cost you lower, but students are not very professional and experienced writers yet).

After you’ve found a place with candidates, the most difficult work begins: you should evaluate them and choose the best technical writer to hire for your project.

Evaluating tech writers

It’s clear, the only fact this person is a technical writer will not be enough for you to hire him. So, what are the details to pay attention to when choosing a technical writer?

  1. Knowledge of your intended audience. Your writer should understand whom he will write for; yes, it’s important for him to have some technical skills in your field, but he should be able to speak the same language with your audience who aren’t specialists.
  2. Samples of work. Ask for some samples of a candidate’s work: spelling and grammar are very important for every writer to have, but logical thinking and the ability to represent material in a form suitable for your audience are more important. Will your audience care about grammar if they do not understand what this exact writing is about? Samples will help you understand if this particular writer meets your business needs.
  3. Former employers. If possible, contact a candidate’s former clients or employers to learn more about a person you are going to hire. Even if a candidate has a rich writing and technical experience, it doesn’t guarantee he will produce good work; or even if his work is good, it doesn’t mean he gets it done on time or within your budget. His former employers will help you understand what a person your candidate is.
  4. Qualifications in writing. Don’t reject a writer once you’ve seen he is not a certified specialist in writing. If his experience is relevant and his previous clients are happy with his work – it’s more important.
  5. Their questions. Good technical writers are both problem-definers and problem-solvers: they will ask you many questions on your project specification, they will want to know all details, they will dig until they find answers… So, try to avoid candidates who are ready to write content for you even without understanding what you want from them.

Just keep in mind the fact a technical writer is not an expert in all fields, and he can’t write good for all audiences. Depending on your writing needs, you may need to hire more than one person; or it’s better to outsource a consultant who will help you deal with all technical documentation.

You may also think about hiring a freelance technical writer to help you manage your business website or blog and write a good content for it.