Best Essay Writers for Hire Online (current ratings)


The moment comes for every student when they decide to ask professional essay writers to complete their academic asignment. Reasons can be different: a lack of time, overwhelming with many other tasks, a lack of knowledge or writing skills to deal with that particular topic or type of paper, etc.

No matter what your reason might be, you need some help on choosing a writer who would meet all your requirements and expectations.

College essay writers are all different, and your task is to choose the best ones to trust to do your writings for you.

Feel free to check the resources listed above: they have been on the academic writing market for a long time already, and they all have become recognizable brands among students from all over the world. If you know a resource which is worth adding to this list – feel free to mention it in comments or write us an email, explaining why it should be there. We’ll consider it by all means.

Academic Writing Market Specifications

As well as any other writing niche, academic writing market has its own specific features for you to keep in mind if you are going to hire reliable writers.

They are the following:

  • You can find academic writers around the world: both native speakers and ESL writers are ready to complete your academic assignments; if English is not your mother tongue but you are asked to write an essay in it – an ESL writer might be a better option for you to choose.
  • You better hire writing pro’s who have experience in the subject or topics you particularly need. How to check it? For example, at Bid4Papers (mentioned in the above list of ratings) you are given an opportunity to chat with your writer and estimate their experience and ability to write on your topic in particular.
  • Paper writers are available at many freelance websites, such as Craigslist or Upwork (previously known as Elance), but you will have no guarantees here: you won’t be able to control the writing process itself, and it won’t be possible for you to check the quality of work beforehand.
  • You can ask custom writing services to work on your assignment. Usually they are divided into two categories: those who choose a writer for you, and those who let you choose a writer after estimating their experience and price.
  • There is always a chance to get a low-quality work. To avoid such fails, check the video and let us know what you think of this safety guide to buying custom papers online.

How to Stay Safe When Hiring Custom Essay Writers

When you hire essay writers online, there is always a risk to fall into a trap of scam: they can send you plagiarized works, essays of poor quality, or no essays at all! To stay safe, you should choose a contractor very carefully.

Do you know how to do that?

  1. Take the first look at their website: is their design nice, recognizable, branded? Or do they just use simple and standard templates, poor design, stock photos and don’t care about their reputation at all?
  2. Now it’s time to read their content: are there many grammar mistakes? Is their English poor? How are they going to write you high-quality essays if their own writing is far from perfect? Do they care about their content? How often do they update it?
  3. Pay attention to their contacts. Do they provide them at all? Good and trusted companies will never hide their contact information, and they will always provide several ways to contact them (phone numbers, email, live chat, post address, social media channels, etc.).
  4. Try to contact their customer support team. How fast and professionally do they reply?
  5. Are there any customers reviews at the website? Check if they seem legit. You can also check their domain name at Essay Scam to see if their website is in the list of suspicious writing services.
  6. Use Google Search to check the online presence of a writing service. How often are they mentioned there? What are their positions at search engines?
  7. Check their domain at to find out who owns it, how old it is, where they are located, etc. Make sure they provide some terms&conditions and guarantees.

How to Get a Good Grade for Your Purchased Paper

So, you’ve chosen essay writers for hire. Make sure you’ve placed your order in a right way for a writer to understand what you want: mention a type of paper, number of words or pages, all instructions and specifications in details, and deadline.

Your essay is ready, and it looks and sounds perfect! What’s next?

There are always some risks of buying essays online. For example, your purchased essay will appear to be much better than your previous writings, and your professor won’t believe it was you who wrote it.

What to do:

  • read the paper carefully and try to have a good grasp of the subject in case you’ll have to answer a professor’s questions;
  • if you liked the paper and the grade you got for it, try to remember your writer’s ID to continue cooperation: the same writing style and quality wouldn’t go amiss for your next writing assignments.

And remember: the best essay writer is not the one who writes your work quickly but poorly, but the one who’s an expert in your subject and your type of academic assignments in particular.