Best Resume Writers for Hire Online (current ratings)


The above mentioned services have become well-known brands on the market of resume writing. Job seekers from different countries around the world use their services and order personal statements, CVs, and cover letters from them. Do you know any other resources worth mentioning in this rating? Drop us an email or share them in comments – we’ll consider them by all means.

The very important step in getting a job of your dream is invitation to a job interview. What can you do to get this invitation? To send recruiters a resume that stands out from others.

That’s why it’s so important to write a good resume and cover letter, but the ugly truth of life is many people are not capable of writing a resume to highlight all their skills and abilities adequately; they can’t draw out their strong sides and match these sides with what employers are looking for…

To make their resumes stand out and to get a job of their dreams, people often hire professional resume writers to compose CVs for them. This niche of resume writing has its own specifications; so, if you hire resume writing services online, there are several important aspects to keep in mind.

Resume Writing Market Specifications

When you choose a resume writer for hire, you expect an expert who knows all nuances of CV writing and helps you reflect all your skills and qualifications for a potential employer to choose you among dozens or even hundreds of other candidates. A well-written resume is the key to a job interview invitation, and you don’t want to fail here, do you?

#1 spec: resume writing market is about hiring a certified professional for building your CV.

As well as any other writing markets, resume and cover letters writing has its specific features. Many custom essay writing websites offer this service, and if you are a recent graduate who has the experience of working with that guys – you can hire a professional academic writer to build your resume.

But you should understand: resume writing and academic papers writing are two different writing niches, and a person good in writing essays needs not be good in writing your resume.

#2 spec: not EVERY professional resume writer is a good fit for building YOUR resume.

It means you should choose a resume writer you will be comfortable to work with: talk to several writers, check some samples of their works, read references. You should find and hire a professional who will not only write resumes that sound good but reflect a person’s actual background.

That said, make sure you’ve checked and evaluated several resume writing services before selecting the one with YOUR writer.

#3 spec: you can hire resume writers via freelance websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer.

But here is the kicker: resume writers who work as freelancers will not give you any guarantees; plus, you will never know if a person you’ve just hired to write your resume is a professional: even if he has a rich writing experience – it doesn’t mean he can write resumes.

So, be careful while choosing a resume writer. It is always better to trust your CV to professional resume writing service, but there are also some nuances to keep in mind.

How to Stay Safe When Hiring Resume Writers

Working with online writers, you always risk to meet scammers or get a work of low quality. How to stay safe when hiring writers for building your resume?

Just keep in mind the following aspects:

    1. Do they have a website?

First of all, a good resume writing service should offer the full range of services: they should deal with excellent cover letters and personal statements, too.

Minimum features they should have at the website include:

      • Direct contact information (toll free number, live chats, direct email address) for communication and customer support.
      • Samples (resumes and cover letters) for you to judge the quality of their work.
      • Worksheets for you to submit your information.
    1. Who will write your resume?

As we’ve already mentioned, the very important specification of resume writing market is hiring a certified professional. Make sure the website of your chosen service provides an opportunity of direct communication with writers; you should know who will be creating your resume, an expert or just “one of our best resume writers”?

Make sure your writer holds one of the following resume writing certifications:

      • CPTW – certified professional resume writer
      • CERW – certified expert resume writer
      • MRW – master resume writer
      • NCRW – nationally certified resume writer
    1. Do they provide the “personal touch”?

It’s very important to have a direct interaction with a resume writer to make sure he is a good fit for your needs. You should feel comfortable with him and the services he provides.

    1. Do they guarantee a 100% satisfaction?

Always ask a resume writing service about guarantees. At least, their writers should promise to rework resumes to ensure your satisfaction.

    1. Are they professionals?

Try to choose a resume writing service that belongs to a professional organization. Check if their membership is current. Don’t trust writing your resume to a service or a person that don’t even seem to be professionals.

    1. Do they have any references or testimonials?

Check their social media profiles, LinkedIn in particular: check who wrote references, learn what other clients think of their services. If there are no testimonials, think twice before hiring their writers for building your resume.

Resume writing market requires good specialists with rich experience in this niche: it’s not just about writing words and enumerating a person’s skills, it’s about understanding a person’s nature and strong sides, applying them to employers needs and helping people find dream jobs.