Old and modern book fair in Cahors: meeting place for collectors

the essential On September 12 and 13, the 22nd edition of the old and modern book fair takes place at Espace Valentré, an unmissable moment for bibliophiles looking for literary gems.

There were no crowds this Saturday morning at Espace Valentré.The old and modern book fair, which is held there on September 12 and 13, usually welcomes between 1,500 and 2,000 visitors each year.: collectors could stroll at leisure in front of the stands of the 25 exhibitors, starting with that of the heritage library of Cahors.It must be said that for these bibliophiles, temptations are not lacking.In a pile of books, a therapist finds books second-hand on esotericism.Further away, a couple of biodynamic winegrowers are looking for old agricultural works.

"The whole history of books and printing is there," insists Valérie Rapaud, Cadurcian bookseller who has been organizing the event for 22 years."We are transmitters of knowledge, passers of memory.We defend a written heritage" .On its shelves, illustrated books stand side by side with pleiades, the second copy of the surrealist review the Minotaur coexists with an atlas illustrated by hand on birds, a sumptuous box of Dali, in which is encrusted a bronze medal, catches the eye But the highlight of the show, prominently positioned, is a bible by Robert Etienne, printer of François Ie.

"An intellectual pleasure"

Gérard Fénelon does not fail to come to the show.For this former territorial official converted into a collector on retirement, "it is a real intellectual pleasure to come here.It is very good this show, there is a lot of diversity of subjects.And the booksellers are competent: they have a good command of their subject."Now, most exhibitors know this regular at the literary salons of Cahors, Figeac, Gourdon or Cabrerets." Over the years, bonds of friendship are formed between the booksellers.and the readers ”, confides the septuagenarian.

Posted Date: 2020-09-15

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